Places to Visit near Kedarnath

Kedarnath, devoted to lord Shiva is a revered pilgrimage site nestled into Himalayas Garhwal region. Offers breathtaking natural beauty and surrounded by lush green valleys, towering mountains and snowcapped mountain peaks. Kedarnath Dham holds a significant importance in Hindu devotees as the lord Shiva is considered as the supreme god of Hinduism and knows as the protector and the destroyer of the universe. Millions of devotees come here at Kedarnath from all corners of the globe to take a glimpse of lord Shiva and seek blessings from him. The temple of Kedarnath is surrounded by various tourist hotspots and religious destinations. here are some of the places you might consider to explore:

places near kedarnath

Kedarnath Excursions

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    Guptkashi is a small renowned town situated in the route of the sacred Kedarnath temple and serves as the base for Kedarnath temple and situated around 30 kms away from Kedarnath temple. The town of Guptkashi is enveloped with various religious destinations to explore such as famous Ardhnareshwar temple, Vishwanath temple, and Narsingh temple. The town of Guptkashi is surrounded by snowcapped mountain peaks, towering trees and has very tranquil environment.

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    Triyuginarayan temple is very renowned temple and has deep connections in the great Hindu mythology. It is believed that lord Shiva and goddess Parvati were married here at Triyuginarayan temple. It is just 20 kms away from the Kedarnath temple and is a great holy place to explore.

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    Chopta is a picturesque hamlet situated in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, India. Chopta is popular for its lush green meadows, snowcapped mountains, and mesmerizing views of the great Himalayas. Chopta serves as the base for the Shiva’s highest elevated temple, Tungnath, chandrashila peak, and Deoria taal. The town of Chopta is also considered as the “Mini Switzerland of India”, and is a heaven for nature and adventure lovers.

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    Deoria Tal:

    Situated approximately 60 kms way from Kedarnath temple, Deoria Taal is a pristine lake surrounded by lush greenery and high-altitude mountain peaks. Deoria taal is also a great place to explore.

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    Tungnath is known as the highest elevated Shiva temple and devotees have to trek for 2 or 3 kilo meters which is a bit difficult to trek. Tungnath temple is situated around 40 kms away from Kedarnath and a very divine place to visit. The base for Tungnath trek is Chopta.

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    The confluence of two rivers named Alaknanda and Mandakini is very popular destination and situated around 90 kms away from Kedarnath. Rudraprayag town is also in route to Kedarnath and a great place to explore.

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    Gaurikund is famous Hindu pilgrimage site situated near Kedarnath where pilgrims take dip in hot spring water and seek blessings at the nearby Goddess Parvati temple. Gaurikund is also known as the base to start trek for Kedarnath temple.

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    Sonprayag is a gateway to the Kedarnath temple, and acts as base for the Kedarnath Dham. Sonprayag is a scenic hamlet where the Mandakini River meets Basuki River.