Places to Visit near Gangotri

Gangotri is a very significant Hindu pilgrimage site and it is the part of Uttarakhand’s Chhota Chardham Yatra, the second stopover for the pilgrims. The shrine of Gangotri is situated in the Uttarkashi district in Himalayan region of Uttarakhand state. Gangotri Dham is surrounded by majestic towering mountains, Himalayan peaks, sky-high trees and tranquil natural environment. Gangotri Dham is not just a spiritual or religious destination but it also has various tourist hotspots nearby to explore, some of those are mentioned below:

places near Gangotri

Gangotri Excursions

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    Gangotri national Park:

    The home to diverse flora and fauna, Himalayan blue sheep, leopard, musk deer and various other species of birds as well. The national park of Gangotri is spanning across an area of over 2,390 square kilo meters, and have multiple towering mountain peaks, countless sky-high trees, which makes the Gangotri national park pretty famous and attracts tourists from all corners of the world.

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    Gomukh Glacier:

    The actual source of the most sacred river of our country Ganga, is about 18 kilo meters away from Gangotri and can be accessed only by trekking. The trekking route offers the panoramic views of Himalayan peaks and Gangotri glacier.

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    Gomukh Tapovan:

    Tapovan is a picturesque alpine meadow which offers the majestic view of some peaks such as: Shivlinga peak, Bhagirathi Mountain peak. It is near Gomukh. The area of Gomukh tapovan is renowned for its serene environment, pristine streams, breathtaking natural beauty, and spiritual aura attracting trekkers and seekers alike.

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    Bhojvasa is around 14 kilo meters away from Gangotri temple and considered as a perfect place for camping. Bhojvasa serves as base camp for trekkers trekking to visit Gomukh, Bhojvasa offers a peaceful retreat in the nature’s splendor.

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    A beautiful hamlet popular for its lush green valley and landscapes, apple orchards, scenic beauty, gushing rivers and panoramic views of the sky-high mountain peaks. The town of Harsil is situated around just 25 kms and in-route of Gangotri. The pilgrims should visit the tranquil town of Harsil to enjoy the things it offers.

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    Dharali is a quaint village situated in the district of Uttarkashi, is a hidden gem which is surrounded by towering trees, sky-scrapping mountain peaks and lush greenery. Dharali provides a tranquil escape for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts.

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    The home to shrines, rivers, glaciers, and picturesque landscape. The town of Uttarkashi is a serene renowned for the spiritual significance, mesmerizing natural beauty, picturesque landscape, pleasant and delightful environment. Uttarkashi town is situated around 100 kms away from the revered Gangotri temple and pilgrims halt here at Uttarkashi for night stay and visit the Gangotri Dham on next day.