About Gangotri Temple

The Gangotri temple is a revered Hindu shrine which is dedicated to goddess Ganga, it is located in the Uttarkashi district of the Uttarakhand state India. It holds the significant religious importances for Hindus, as it marks the origin of the sacred River Ganga, which is considered as a holy and sacred river in Hindu religion. The Gangotri temple is situated at the left bank of the sacred Bhagirathi River.

The Gangotri temple is situated at a very serene place it offers great view and soothing environment. The tranquility here helps to relax the mind and let enjoy the majestic view of high-altitude mountains and green valley.

gangotri temple

Architecture and Design of the Gangotri Temple

This Gangotri temple was built by the Gorkha General Amar Singh Thapa during 18th century. As other temple in Uttarakhand’s Chardham yatra this Gangotri temple also follows the same Himalayan architecture known as the Nagara architecture, the temple walls are adorned with carvings and paintings which tells the great Hindu tales from its mythology.

The Gangotri temple lies near the rock called “Bhagirathi Shila” where the king Bhagirath did penance to please lord Shiva and to seek his blessing.

The temple complex typically features a grand entrance gate which has carvings and sculptures depicting Hindu deities and mythology of Hindu beliefs.

Inside The Gangotri Temple

Garbhagriha (sanctum sanctorum): The sanctum of Gangotri temple houses the deity of Goddess Ganga in the form of a small and sacred idol. Here the devotees offer prayers and offerings to seek blessings.

The temple complex also has a mandapa or hall where the devotees gather to attend aarti and to offer prayers and it also serves as the congregation area for the devotees. All of the religious gatherings are also performed at the mandapa.

Pooja ceremonies at Gangotri temple

Pratah Aarti: The pratah or morning aarti here are performed in the morning and after that the temple is open for devotees to take darshan, offer prayers and seek blessings.

Bhog: Food, fruits, sweets are offered in the bhog ceremony to the goddess Ganga and later the bog are distributed among the devotees and prasad.

Shayan Aarti: The shayan aarti are performed at the time of closing the temple for the night. And later the temple gets closed to re-open the next day for darshan.

Some important info about Kedarnath Temple

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    The Opening and Closing date of Gangotri temple in 2024

    Opening Date: 10th May 2024

    Closing Date: Yet to be announced